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Check Valves

Type Z1S
Check valves of sandwich plate design

  • Sizes 6 and 10
  • Porting pattern to DIN 24340 form A and ISO 4401
  • Various isolating functions
  • Various opening pressures
  • Size 6 (component series 4X):
  • Check valve made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic
  • Tightness improved as compared with previous version with metal seal
  • Excellent compatibility with various hydraulic fluids
  • Size 10 (component series 3X): optionally with
  • Metal seal ("–")
  • Soft seal ("W4") (please note restrictions with regard to flow volume!)

Shut-off valves

Shut-off valves in sandwich plate design

  • Sizes 6 and 10
  • Directional spool valve, pilot operated
  • Porting pattern to DIN 24340 form A and ISO 4401
  • Functioning as straight shut-off valve or straight shut-off short-circuit valve
  • Electrohydraulic operation
  • Wet-pin DC solenoid

Pre-fill valves

Types ZSF and ZSFW
Pre-fill valves

  • Hydraulically pilot operated pre-fill valve (check valve) in sandwich plate design

o For flanged connection
o For in-line installation

  • Optional: Unloading via built-on directional valve (type ZSFW)

o Some versions with HD port and decompression

Directional poppet valves

Types SED and SEW
Directional poppet valves, direct operated

  • Sizes 6 and 10
  • Porting pattern to DIN 24340 form A and ISO 4401
  • Leak-free isolation of closed port
  • Solenoids with detachable coil
  • Pressure-tight chamber needs not to be opened for changing the coil (type SED)
  • Reliable switching when under pressure over longer periods of standstill

Pressure relief valves

Type DBD
Pressure relief valves, direct operated

  • Sizes 4 to 30
  • For subplate mounting ("P")
  • For threaded connection ("G")
  • As cartridge valve ("K")
  • Type-tested safety valves in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
  • 3 optional adjustment types:

o Threaded pin with hexagon socket and protective cap
o Rotary knob / hand wheel
o Lockable rotary knob

Throttle valves and throttle check valves

Type Z2FS
Double throttle check valves in sandwich plate design

  • Sizes 6 to 22
  • Porting pattern to DIN 24340 form A and ISO 4401
  • For limiting the main or pilot flow of one or two actuators
  • Meter-in or meter-out throttling
  • 4 optional adjustment types:

o Rotary knob
o Sleeve with hexagon and protective cap
o Lockable rotary knob with scale
o Rotary knob with scale
o Spindle with hexagon socket and scale

Directional function

Types LC..A, LC..B (cartridge) and LFA (control cover)
2-way cartridge valves with directional function

  • Sizes 16 to 160
  • Standardized installation to DIN ISO 7368 (up to size 100)
  • Standard area ratios 2:1 and 14.3:1
  • "High flow" by default
  • Valve poppet with and without damping nose
  • Various opening pressures
  • Various stroke limitation adjustment types
  • Control cover, optionally with

o integrated poppet/shuttle valve
o built-on possibility for directional poppet/spool valve or combination
o end switch monitoring

  • Variable nozzle fittings
  • Optional shaft sealing
  • Mounting screws included in the scope of delivery of the cover
  • High pressure versions on inquiry
  • Special media (e.g. emulsion, water) on inquiry

Directional poppet valves

Type M-.SEW…XE
Directional poppet valves, direct operated, with solenoid actuation

  • Size 6
  • Component series 3X
  • Maximum operating pressure 420 bar
  • Maximum flow 25 l/min
  • Application according to Explosion Protection Directive 94/9/EC

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