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Differential Pressure Control Type MP

Type MP 55 is a differential pressure control, used as a safety device on pressure lubricated refrigeration compressors, where under any operating conditions the lubricating oil pressure has to be kept at a higher pressure than the suction pressure or crankcase pressure.

The device is enclosed in a mild steel housing. All parts are rust proofed to ensure long life. The device includes an inbuilt time delay relay and has to be manually reset once the circuit is broken. The device has clearly read setting scale.

Diffrential Pressure Switch Type IPSD-50

IPSD 50 Differential Pressure Switch is an electromehanical device that senses changes in pressure difference between two pressures lines and provides electrical contact closure at predetermined values.

The mechanism is enclosed in a dust proof mild steel casing and all parts are rust proofed for long life. It is designed for use with oil, air, water and steam.

Differential Pressure Switch Type D

Indfos D Series Differential Pressure Switches are produced using technology provided by Dresser Industries USA (ASHCROFT Division). These are sturdy, robust and precise devices for use in process industries.

Available in various ranges covering differential pressures from 25 mm to 42 kg/cm2 ranges, these switches utilize a dual diaphragm sealed piston sensor which is capable of withstanding extremely high static pressures and at the same time provides set point repeatability of 1%. Diaphragms are available in Buna-N, Viton, Teflon, Kapton, Stainless steel & Monel construction making the switch suitable for virtually any process fluid. Enclosures are available in weather proof (IP 66) and explosion proof (II A, B & C) versions and are die cast aluminium as a standard. A wide variety of 1 SPDT or 2 SPDT microswitches including hermetically sealed microswitches are available to meet different requirements of electrical ratings and environmental conditions.

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