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'Rising Ball' and 'Spinner': the latest design of low cost,'entry level' Flow Indicators. These robust indicators out perform other visual flow instruents by a considerable margin. When calibrated flow indicators are not needed, the Rising Ball will satisfy most requirements within pipe sizes 8mm to 40mm. Being constructed from high quality materials this in-line indicator will meet the needs of many chemical applications, as well as being suitable for water, oil and gases.

The Visual Flow indicators start to operate once flow has commenced this can be from as low as 0.1 LPM. The exception ratio between maximum and minimum flow is acheived by carefully toleranced manufacture. When operators require a visual confirmation in their pipework, for lubrication and coolent flow, these simple indicators can provide a cost effective solution for plant protection. Including one of these inexpensive fittings to pipework on a power-plant may save thousand of pounds in downtime and bearing or pump impeller replacement. Add to this the safety implication resulting from plant faliure and the true benefits may be fully appreciated.

Common Applications

This flow indicator is primarily used in plant protection application to show lubrication or coolant flow to pumps, compressors or engines. Application include:

- Early warning of overheating,bearing or seal failure.
- Detecting changes in the colour and condition of liquids during processing.
- Pump, compressor and diesal protection.
- Ensuring that flow of cooling water is maintained to specialised welding equipment.
- Indication of air entrainment.
- Indicating chemical dosing on water treatment facilities.
- Showing the presence of condensate in steam return file.
- Maintaining demineralised water rinsing essential to electronics component manufacture.

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