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Flow Rate Indicator

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These units are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and specification options but all have the same basic function.A dial and mechanical indicator continuously monitor the flow rate at any given time whilst electrical switches can be specified to signal when a particular level has been reached during increasing or decreasing flow rates. Switches are field adjustable over the full range. Where batching, trending, totalising or recording is required, all Flow-Mon units can be supplied with a 0-10V or4-20mA output. All sizes are manufactured to the same simple design concept, the main characteristic of which ensures that the pressure drops are confined to an absolute minimum (see ‘pressure drop’ charts) across the vane orifice at full flow, with viscosities as high as 600cS. Sizes are defined by pipe size and / or maximum flow capacity, and every flow switch is individually calibrated so that full scale deflection is used in each application i.e. the maximum scale reading coincides with the maximum requirement of system as specified by the customer. Calibration may be in any units with single or duel scale to specification

The flow switch body houses a spring-loaded valve plate (vane) which pivots off-centre in a hemispherical cavity. Thus the vane and cavity have a variable area orifice relationship. This gives both a high flow range and a linear relationship between flow rate and vane displacement. The vane indirectly operates both the indicating needle and an adjustable cam, which in turn triggers the micro-switch at any chosen setting of flow rate. Two switches can be supplied to provide high and low (or 'low-low') flow switching

Common Applications

Water (clean or dirty)

• Petroleum Based Oils
• Solvents
• De-mineralised Water
• Synthetic Based Oils
• Paints
• De-ionized Water
• Coolants
• Corrosive Fluids Air
• Gases

Flow Rate Indicator are broadly classified in following series :

  • Small Series
  • Medium Series
  • Large Series

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