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Polyhydron Check Valves

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Check Valve - C

These seat type valves allow free flow from port A to port B and give leak-proof closure in opposite direction. Available as inline mounting or Sub-plate mounting as per factory & ISO standards.

By-pass Check Valve (Modular) - BCM

Seat type modular valve. Intended for by - passing. Pressure control valve,Pressure reducing valve etc. to achieve reverse free flow condition.Allow free flow from port A to port B or from port B to port A ( see model code ) and offer leakage free closure in opposite direction. Available in four sizes of standard interfaces conforming to ISO 5781, DIN 24340 or IS 10187 Each model available with options of four cracking pressures : 0.5, 1.5, 3 and 5 bar.

Pilot operated check valve (Modular) - CIM 06

These modular valves are available with the pilot operated check valve facility on either 'A' or 'B' ports. The hydraulic opening operation for free flow in reverse direction is achieved by means of internal pilot pressure available from the other working port. Interface conforming to
ISO 4401-AB-03-04-A
IS 10187
DIN 24340
To ensure proper closure of both valve poppets, both user connections should be unloaded when the control valve is in the neutral by connecting with the return line.

Shuttle Valves - SL

Seat type construction. Automatically connects it's P port to either A or B depending upon whichever of the two ports is at higher pressure level. Isolates port A and B from each other. Port P gets connected to tank, only if, port A and port B are connected to tank. Available both in Threaded and Sub-plate type.

Prefill valve ( PV 40 - 80 )

Intended for prefilling and exhausting of large hydraulic cylinders. Can be used as anticavitation check valves. Decompression feature is optional up to size 80.

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