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Polyhydron Pressure Controls

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Direct Operated Pressure Relief Valve - DPR

Direct acting with guided cushioned poppet. Available in Cartridge, Threaded and Subplate types.

Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve (Modular Construction) - MPPR 06

Pilot operated pressure relief valve modular construction for vertical stacking assemblies.

Interface conforming to ISO 4401 - AB - 03 -04 - A, IS 10187, DIN 24340
Four models available.

Pressure Control Modules - PCM 06-06

Designed to control double pumps of a Hi-Low system. Unloads low pressure pump when system pressure rises above the pressure set on unloader valve. Relieves high pressure pump when system pressure reaches the value.

Counter Balance Valve - CB Design series 03

Counter balance valves are seat type valves. They offer free-flow from their port B to A and give leak free closure in opposite direction upto a predetermined pressure. This predetermined cracking pressure can be adjusted within its maximum specified range.

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