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Type MP thermostats are used to control temperature in refrigerated spaces. These thermostats use simple and sturdy operating mechanism and are enclosed in a dust proof mild steel casing. The cut out and cut in temperatures can be set independently and the device has clearly read setting scale.


Indfos RT series Temperature switch is produced using technology provided by Danfoss Denmark. These Switches are sturdy, robust and reliable devices meant for industrial applications.

RT series switches have a vapour filled bellows operated thermostatic element. Available in various ranges upto 300C these switches are provided with a tin-plated copper or stainless steel capillary of different lengths. The mechanism is enclosed in a weatherproof (IP 66) enclosure, which can be of either Dough Moulded Compound or Die Cast Aluminium. Various kind of switching elements can be provided to meet required electrical load specifications. Both ranges and differential can be independently adjusted. All models feature 1% repeatability and device has clearly read setting scale.


Indfos T Series Temperature Switches are produced using technology provided by Dresser Industries USA, (ASHCROFT Division). These are sturdy, robust and precise devices, for use in process industries.

Available in various ranges covering temperatures from -40 to 400C, these switches utilise a vapour filled, diaphragm sealed piston actuator. This unique system provides high over temperature withstanding capability and ensures 1% repeatability at the same time. T Series switches are available in either remote mounted capillary style or direct mounted rigid stem type. Capillary bulb & stem materials are stainless steel as a standard for superior corrosion resistance. Enclosures are available in weather proof (IP 66) and explosion proof (II A, B & C) versions and are die cast aluminium as a standard. A wide variety of 1 SPDT and 2 SPDT microswitches including hermetically sealed microswitches are available to meet different requirements of electrical ratings and environmental conditions.


Type AST Temperature switch has been specifically designed for use on Diesel Locomotives to safeguard the engine from damage that could be caused by excessive heat. However these switches can be used for other applications also. These switches are of direct mounting design.

The thermal sensing element of AST temperature switch consists of a metallic bellows and sensing bulb. This thermal element is filled with a partial vapour charge , the pressure of which rises with the increase in temperature at the bulb. When the temperature exceeds the preset value , the pressure in the thermal system increases and overcomes an opposing spring force to actuate an electrical microswitch. The entire assembly is housed in a uniquely designed die cast aluminium enclosure which allows ease of installation and wiring .

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